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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

It's been a real challenge
To write our Christmas card this year
When times seem full of sorrow
A time that's full of fear

But I realised we must remember
And not forget the things that seem lost
Despite all the unhappiness
Despite the overwhelming cost

There are things that make us human
That transcend the problems of our time
We shouldn't lose sight of our spirit
To do so would be a crime

Say a prayer for those who struggle
With the challenges of daily life
But know that in the future
We'll overcome all this strife

The birth of the infant Jesus
Is a message of love and hope
That tomorrow will be better
And this will help us cope

So we wish you a Merry Christmas
A chance to focus on the good
Consign all that's bad to the past
And believe in the love of a caring God